Eve Taylor Aromatherapy Massage

Back, Neck & Shoulder Aromatherapy Massage - (30 Mins) - £20.00
Recommended at monthly intervals to keep aches and pains at bay or a quick fix to ease times of tension. One of our most popular treatments.

Half Body Massage (45 Mins) - £26.00
Back, neck, shoulders & back of legs. An extra treat for when you need it most, recommended for runners.
Full Body Massage (60 Mins) - £33.00
Massage from head to toes in an ultimate treat for mind, body & soul!

Upgrade any massage to Hot Stones for £10. 
Stone therapy utilises heat retaining basalt stones, which ensure a deeper massage and also increased intensity as the heat penetrates the body and relaxes the muscles, circulation is improved and stress, anxiety, tension and depression are reduced. This is a treatment designed to balance the mind and body. 

Indian Head Massage (30 Mins) - £26.00
Completed in a seated position, this massage focuses on the upper back, shoulders, neck, face & scalp using a combination of massage and acupressure techniques. It is known to help tension, improve hair quality, relieve stress & because it is said to help cure headaches (even migraine), eye strain and anxiety, some say an Indian head massage can help you to concentrate better at work.

The Original "Stressbuster" (60 Mins) - £34.00
Our flagship treatment & by far the most popular! A relaxing back, neck, shoulder & scalp massage followed by an Express Facial, completed with  aromatherapy products for an all round well-being experience. We recommend this treatment towards the end of the day so you can go home, relax & make the most of the aromatherapy experience.

Full Body Exfoliation - £32.00
A treat not to be missed! Starting with dry body brushing to improve circulation, followed by the application of an aromatherapy exfoliating mouse to gently remove dead skin cells. Removed with heated towels & a rich body oil is applied to moisturise the skin.