Fat Dissolving Treatment

Fat Dissolving Injections
Fat dissolving is an innovative formula designed for aesthetic treatment to combat fatty tissue & is currently one of the most effective & safest alternative to surgical liposuction procedures. LipoLab seeks & destroys fat cells and aids in letting them out of the body through your excreted bodily fluids like sweat & urine. The effects of LipoLab can be seen immediately but results are more noticeable after the 2nd round of treatment. For optimal results, 3-5 treatments are recommended & should be performed at 2 weekly intervals.

LipoLab can be used in a variety of places on the body including; double chin, back (brassiere line), bingo wings, hips (love handles) lower & upper abdominals, under buttocks & knees. Free consultation required to assess area suitability.
Small Area eg Chin - £100

A 50% non refundable booking fee is required to secure any appointment over £100.