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Advanced Non-Surgical Skincare Treatment In Driffield

Aesthetique 32 is located within Beautique 32. A well established salon in the Capital of the Wolds, Driffield, with an easy to find high-street location. Offering the latest in advanced non surgical skincare and injectables, including the treatment & prevention of lines and wrinkles, also known as Botulinum Toxin (Botox). We also offer a wide range of vitamin injections for overall wellness. These include Vitamin B12, Biotin, Vitamin C, B-Complex & Vitamin D
All treatments are available to book online, for our newest services and offers view our social media pages.

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Advanced Skincare FAQ's

  • How Long Do Results Last?

    Typically, filler can last 12-18 months, but sometimes people like top ups more frequently. Anti-wrinkle treatments last around 4-6 months. As with most injectable treatments your metabolism can also impact longevity, but full aftercare will be given so you can get the most from your treatments.

  • DO I Need a Prescription For My Treatment?

    Some of our treatments, anti-wrinkle treatments specifically, require a medical prescription. This is arranged with us and the prescribers we work closely with. All the costs associated with this are included in the price. Anti-wrinkle products are strictly prescription only and it is unlawful to offer anything other than these prescription only, licenced products.

  • Is The treatment Painful?

    All treatments vary but can feel slightly uncomfortable as with any injection. For lips and skin boosters we apply a topical numbing cream to help with the sharp scratch. The filler we use contains lidocaine which then numbs from within making the treatment more comfortable. We take the appointment at your own pace and always endeavour to make you as comfortable as possible, we also have stress balls for you to squeeze to take your mind off the treatment.

  • How Long Does It Take?

    Most treatments are completed in under a hour. The consent, after care & prep take up most of the appointment time so the injections themselves are usually less than half of the overall treatment time.

  • What Do I Need To Do Before An Appointment?

    We recommend, were suitable, taking an arnica supplement to help with bruising. Arrive to your appointment with little to no make up on, hydrated and having had a snack to avoid a blood sugar drop. Avoid alcohol 24-48 hours before your appointment, this is due to its blood thinning properties which can encourage bruising and swelling. Stop using any retinols/acids 48 hours before an injectable treatment and 1 week before any advanced skincare treatment.

  • How long is the downtime after a treatment and what do I need to do after?

    Down time varies depending on the chosen treatment, but most treatments begin to settle significantly after 48 hours. Avoid touching the treatment area without clean hands, avoid heavily fragranced products. No make up, sauna, sunbeds, false tan, swimming for 48 hours. Avoid alcohol for 48 hours and follow the after care given by our practitioner for individual treatment needs.

  • Is There an age limit on these treatments?

    Yes, all our treatments are only suitable for over 18 years of age.

  • Is There an age limit on these treatments?

    Yes, all our treatments are only suitable for over 18 years of age.

  • Do you offer finance on your treatments?

    Yes, we work with ClearPay & PayL8r to offer finance options on all treatments over £100. If this is something you would like more information on don’t hesitate to get in touch.

  • I have some more questions; do you offer consultations?

    We offer consultation for all of our advanced skincare and injectable treatments. This is a great opportunity to assess treatment suitability, potential outcomes and go through treatment prep & aftercare.