Hot Stone Therapy

Stone therapy utilises heat retaining basalt stones, which ensure a deeper massage and also increase intensity as the heat penetrates the body and relaxes the muscles, circulation is improved and stress, anxiety, tension and depression are reduced. this is a treatment designed to balance the mind and body. Add on a deep tissue mechanical massage to any treatment for an extra £5

Hot Stone Therapy Full Body
(1 hour) - £48.00

Hot Stone Therapy back, neck & shoulders
(30 mins) - £30.00


Back Neck & Shoulder Aromatherapy Massage
(30 mins) - £19.00

Half Body Massage
Back of legs, back, neck, shoulder and scalp.
(45 mins) - £25.00

Full Body Massage
(1 hour) - £32.00

Indian Head Massage
(45mins) - £25.00

Stress Buster
A relaxing back & scalp massage concentrating on the neck & shoulders,
followed by an express facial including pressure point massage
1 hour - £34.00

Full Body Exfoliation
Deep exfoliation and moisturise

Back Polish
Deep cleanse, exfoliation, finished off with Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

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